Saturday, 21 August 2010

Where has all the Singaporean's kind - heartedness went to?

Align CenterLast Friday, I was taking bus service number 980, from Bugis back to Sembawang. The bus was quite crowded but I managed to get a seat when I boarded it. The bus then reaches the next stop. There was this elderly woman came onboarding the bus. As there were no more seats left at the back part of the bus, I gave up mine to her. Then, after that, more and more people came onboard. There was this another old man came on boarding the bus as well. To my surprise, no one actually gave up their seat to him! Some of them were either sleeping, some of them pretending not to see him (or perhaps they really did not see him...). There was this young man who was even worse! He would rather on his laptop and enjoy his movie than giving up his seat to that old man! I was so surprise by his their actions... Why couldn't someone in front just sacrifice a bit and let him sit?! Where has all the Singaporean's kind - heartedness went to???


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  2. LOLS!

    have you like only realise this now? this kind of people will never give up their seats to other who needs it more than themselves! There is no more such things as "Singapore Kind-heartedness" i took the MRT all the time and this kind of things happen ALWAYS. that's why i take never a seat in the MRT, because i know loads of other people deserves the seat more than i do! :D it's just the undeserving people will take the seats though >_>