Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My Day back to CSS (Teacher‘s day eve)

Today is my day back to school again,it is also teacher's day eve today. I feel very happy to go back today as I get to see many of my teachers again. At first, I feel that it is very bad of me to not bring any gifts for my teachers but just wish them a Happy Teacher's Day. However, later I found out that many of the other students did not give their teachers anything as well. I feel so upset for those teachers whom did not received any gifts from their students. It is indeed a very sad thing to see that the teachers contributed so much for them but they did not get anything back in return. They did not expect that the students would give anything, but only expect the students to behave well and work hard. Hereby, I would like to wish all teachers in Singapore a Happy Teachers Day! Hope that the students will regconise your hardwork for them 1 day... Also,thanks for your teachings!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

The philipines and Hong Kong's incident

Last tuesday, it was reported that 8 Hong Kongers were killed by a philipine gunman in a tour bus. These Hong Kong tourists were there for holiday but never expect that holiday turns into a tragedy for them. The gunman was actually there for money.

When I read the news, I was so shock and sad about it. The gunman killed the innocents just for money?! How can he be so cruel to kill so many people?I was so sad about it when I read that。。。

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My dream job - A kindergarden teacher

My dream job will be a kindergarden teacher. I love small little kids and teaching them would be fun. However, that is not the main purpose of me wanting to be a kindergarden teacher. As mentioned in my last post, many people do not know basic courtesy such as giving up seats to the elderly people or the people who needs it more. Thus, if I am successful in being a kindergarden teacher, I would like to teach them to respect and show courtesy to their parents and the elderly people. As we know, some of the people does not even show respect to their parents. When their parents scold them, they argued back. It is true that sometimes some parents are a bit naggy, but they themelves doesn't wants to nag as well but they do not have a choice. If they don't nag, their child will not bear in mind what their mistakes are. Therefore, as a child, when your parents scold you, do not argue back. They scold you is because they meant good for you. They do not want you to do the wrong thing or walk the wrong path. If you did the wrong thing, just admit it and promise never ever do it again. I have just read a buddhism book on the consequence that will happen to us of not respecting our parents. Everything written in it is true and it is quite an interesting book. Therefore, my purpose for posting today is to advice everyone to respect your parents, do not argue with them when they scold you and also show your love and care to the elderly people as much as you can.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Where has all the Singaporean's kind - heartedness went to?

Align CenterLast Friday, I was taking bus service number 980, from Bugis back to Sembawang. The bus was quite crowded but I managed to get a seat when I boarded it. The bus then reaches the next stop. There was this elderly woman came onboarding the bus. As there were no more seats left at the back part of the bus, I gave up mine to her. Then, after that, more and more people came onboard. There was this another old man came on boarding the bus as well. To my surprise, no one actually gave up their seat to him! Some of them were either sleeping, some of them pretending not to see him (or perhaps they really did not see him...). There was this young man who was even worse! He would rather on his laptop and enjoy his movie than giving up his seat to that old man! I was so surprise by his their actions... Why couldn't someone in front just sacrifice a bit and let him sit?! Where has all the Singaporean's kind - heartedness went to???

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My day back to my secondary school

Two days ago, I just went back to my secondary school. I was so happy when I went back there. I feel so happy meeting all the teachers (Those who went to canteen only lah..). Seriously speaking, I miss the place there alot.. When I went back to the school, I saw that there were quite a few changes. I left the school for only half a year and there were already a few changes. I can't imagine if I leave the school for ten years... It will be like.. Wow!!! The school looks so foreign to me now... Teachers change, design change, staff change, everything changes... And I might also not be able to recall the good old times with all my friends anymore. This is if I never go back to my school for ten years lah... hahaha. Luckily, two days ago when I went back there, the silver table is still there. It is also quite a memorable place for me. This is because, I spent quite a long period of time with my friends there as well. The staircase that is located near the art room also. But that place is a meeting place for me and my another group of friends lah.. hahaha. We always gather there during recess time...

Ahhh.... Time passes so fast.. It passes so fast that all these has turned into memories... How I wished that I could go back to the good old times with my best friends or sisters rather than now preparing for my exams...

Monday, 9 August 2010

I feel so shock when I heard from my friend that alex fong went for plastic surgery... Which I also don't know why... Up till now, I still couldn't accept it that he went for it.. She said that her friend saw him in Hong Kong and talk to him some more! So envy her.... I do not know how would I react if I get to see him 1 day... Maybe I will find some where else to hide?... Hahahaha. Her friend can still ask alex fong you know that why he looks so handsome?... So daring loh.... Some more right, my friend say that ALEX FONG LIK SUN is her friend's grandmother IDOL!!! OMG! ALEX IS SOOOOOOOOOOO THE HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO HANDSOME THAT A GRANDMOTHER ALSO LIKE HIM!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

This is a drawing from me... Ugly right? Haha. I drew this when I am boring at night.
I am in a bad mood today.... Don't ask me why... My test results were damn bad... Though its not all of it yet but I am not satisfied with it... Some of the test result still not out yet... but I am still sad about it...