Sunday, 29 August 2010

The philipines and Hong Kong's incident

Last tuesday, it was reported that 8 Hong Kongers were killed by a philipine gunman in a tour bus. These Hong Kong tourists were there for holiday but never expect that holiday turns into a tragedy for them. The gunman was actually there for money.

When I read the news, I was so shock and sad about it. The gunman killed the innocents just for money?! How can he be so cruel to kill so many people?I was so sad about it when I read that。。。


  1. ohhh ya, saw that on the news too, but haven't been able to discuss it openly cos the lecturers who asked me and my friends to come back for the AAH project were from Philippines.
    so anyway, i feel that the Philippine polices acted too rashly. i heard the gunman wasn't a seriously bad man. he was just forced to act because he was threatened. anyway, i also feel both police and gunman was at fault. if the police had negotiated nicely to the gunman, he wouldn't have killed so many people in the bus. but of course, the gunman was at fault too la. Violence doesn't get him anywhere at all. >_>

  2. Of course both of them have fault! They think violence can solve the problem? It will only make the problem worse! If they have negotiated nicely, it wouldn't have lead to this happening... If the gunman doesn't have enough money, he can go and look for a job.. don't need to kill people... I am a buddhism. He has already broken the first rule of buddhism, that is killing of living things!
    Anyway, hope that nothing else like this will happen to the rest of the world..