Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My Day back to CSS (Teacher‘s day eve)

Today is my day back to school again,it is also teacher's day eve today. I feel very happy to go back today as I get to see many of my teachers again. At first, I feel that it is very bad of me to not bring any gifts for my teachers but just wish them a Happy Teacher's Day. However, later I found out that many of the other students did not give their teachers anything as well. I feel so upset for those teachers whom did not received any gifts from their students. It is indeed a very sad thing to see that the teachers contributed so much for them but they did not get anything back in return. They did not expect that the students would give anything, but only expect the students to behave well and work hard. Hereby, I would like to wish all teachers in Singapore a Happy Teachers Day! Hope that the students will regconise your hardwork for them 1 day... Also,thanks for your teachings!

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