Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My day back to my secondary school

Two days ago, I just went back to my secondary school. I was so happy when I went back there. I feel so happy meeting all the teachers (Those who went to canteen only lah..). Seriously speaking, I miss the place there alot.. When I went back to the school, I saw that there were quite a few changes. I left the school for only half a year and there were already a few changes. I can't imagine if I leave the school for ten years... It will be like.. Wow!!! The school looks so foreign to me now... Teachers change, design change, staff change, everything changes... And I might also not be able to recall the good old times with all my friends anymore. This is if I never go back to my school for ten years lah... hahaha. Luckily, two days ago when I went back there, the silver table is still there. It is also quite a memorable place for me. This is because, I spent quite a long period of time with my friends there as well. The staircase that is located near the art room also. But that place is a meeting place for me and my another group of friends lah.. hahaha. We always gather there during recess time...

Ahhh.... Time passes so fast.. It passes so fast that all these has turned into memories... How I wished that I could go back to the good old times with my best friends or sisters rather than now preparing for my exams...

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  1. i miss CSS also, but its just i haven't had the time to go back there :/

    and i miss the burger there too! remember how often i bought the canteen burger for recess and lunch break? :3 good old memories!