Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My dream job - A kindergarden teacher

My dream job will be a kindergarden teacher. I love small little kids and teaching them would be fun. However, that is not the main purpose of me wanting to be a kindergarden teacher. As mentioned in my last post, many people do not know basic courtesy such as giving up seats to the elderly people or the people who needs it more. Thus, if I am successful in being a kindergarden teacher, I would like to teach them to respect and show courtesy to their parents and the elderly people. As we know, some of the people does not even show respect to their parents. When their parents scold them, they argued back. It is true that sometimes some parents are a bit naggy, but they themelves doesn't wants to nag as well but they do not have a choice. If they don't nag, their child will not bear in mind what their mistakes are. Therefore, as a child, when your parents scold you, do not argue back. They scold you is because they meant good for you. They do not want you to do the wrong thing or walk the wrong path. If you did the wrong thing, just admit it and promise never ever do it again. I have just read a buddhism book on the consequence that will happen to us of not respecting our parents. Everything written in it is true and it is quite an interesting book. Therefore, my purpose for posting today is to advice everyone to respect your parents, do not argue with them when they scold you and also show your love and care to the elderly people as much as you can.

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