Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Back to school for teacher's day!

Hahaha! I am so happy! This is because, tomorrow I will be going back to my secondary school for teacher's day celebration. I plan to go back this year, because I really miss the school alot... It gave me alot of good memories.. No matter is the teachers or my friends... What I miss most was the gathering areas for me and my friends. I remembered that my friends and I always gathered at the staircase area and the piano area in the canteen! Hahaha... And I miss my history lesson also~ so miss that I would hope that I will be able to rewind the clock to go back to the happy moments in school sometimes... But I know that it is totally impossible to do so! As we should be looking forward in order to improve ourselves... All the past happy moments can only be kept as a memory...

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