Saturday, 23 October 2010

sorry that I went missing for some time

Hi, everyone! So sorry that I went "missing" for some time. These few weeks I have been quite busy lately. My school just started about 2 weeks ago. The lessons were going on quite well. My daily grades have also improved. In the pass I got b or c for cognitive and enterprise. Now I got a B for cognitive, B for communication, B for New Media (for problem 1 and 2), B for Marketing, B for Maths (for problem 1) and A for Maths (for problem 2). Dont be happy for me too fast, because I still have 13 more weeks to go... Haha. Tomorrow will be the end of my 2nd problem which will be cognitive. Then on tuesday will be my start of 3rd problem for maths.

I love Maths! Because it is challenging enough!!! On this term we study on sine, cosine, tangent rule which is one of my favourite!! But sometimes, we have to use excel to solve the problem of the day... which is also my weakness!!! Excel :( !!!!

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